Experts at Creating & Developing New Businesses

René Consultancy & Investment Group specialise in creating & developing our own startup companies. Not only do we build our own companies, we also work with New & Existing Companies to help get their idea of the ground through providing financial investment & our valuable advice.

After investing millions in UK Business, we have created a number of our own successful new businesses as well as boasting a fruitful investment portfolio.

We want to help your business become successful.

New businesses are often confronted with a number of obstacles along the way. Our substantial startup experience allows us to help businesses overcome these obstactles with expert advice and support. As investors in your new business, not only will we provide all important financial backing, but we will also provide our full support to help you succeed.

When starting a new business, it is very important to plan for the future. We only work with businesses who we know have their full interest in succeeding and ask for detailed business plans and financial projections. Not only will this help us understand your business, but it also shows the first steps of planning for success.

Startup Planning

Helping new businesses to plan their start up for long term success.

Financial Investment

Providing the finance required for businesses to get off the ground.

Smart Marketing

Managing and planning targeted, measurable marketing campaigns.

Idea Protection

Securing your ideas with comprehensive legal protection advice.

Investment by Sector

In the ever changing, fast paced current economy, it is important that business interests are diversified into different industries. RC&IG support businesses in all sectors and our current portfolio ranges from Construction Projects to Technology Development. We have particular interest in certain industries where we have found we have been particularly successful.



With nationwide interests in Construction, we are particularly interested in large projects of this nature.

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RC&IG have a number of retail investments nationwide. If you are looking for financial backing, we can help.

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With substantial investment with our own Technology development, we are always interested in new ideas.

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Music & Arts

A key area of interest is Music & Art. We have vast experience, knowledge and a number of investments in this sector.

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